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How to stay SAFE and CALM in a crazy world, cont. Self Help tip for healthy Skin

Today’s Self Help tip is a little different its about Self Care specifically for our skin. If our skin looks and feels great so do we. So what do to if you are in lock down and can’t go have a facial or don’t have all the products you need for one at home? Well you use what’s in your fridge or cupboard!

First lets go over what steps are important:

Cleanse: to remove dirt, oil build up, perspiration etc – daily

Exfoliate: to remove dead skin cells – once a week

Tone: hydrates, closes pores – daily best after cleanse

Facial Oil: to hydrate and nourish skin - use before mask or daily

Mask: rehydrate, revitalise, nourish – once a week

Moisturizer: daily


Oat Milk Cleanser:

2 Tablespoons of Oats soaked in water overnight, drain oats and add some Milk, Youghurt or Buttermilk and a drop of honey to the liquid


Salt Scrub: any fine salt will do Table salt, Himalayan Salt - only scrub face 1-2 minutes as its abrasive!

Sugar scrub: 1,5 tablespoon raw sugar, ½ tables spoon of Almond meal or Semolina or Oats and 1 teaspoon of honey or oil – mix and scrub into skin leave on for 5-10 minutes for the enzymes to work


½ teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to ½ cup of water or you can grate a Cucumber and leave sit overnight and rain and use the liquid, you can add 1-2 drops of Lavender Aroma Oil

Facial Oil: Avocado Oil, Olive Oil or even Sunflower oil will do, don’t use a vegetable oil! You may want to add 1-2 drops of Lavender Aroma oil


Clay mask: if you have clay that’s great just mix it with some water, green clay detoxes, pink clay is great for mature skin with fine wrinkles, yellow clay great for sun damaged skin it revitalizes and stimulates circulation

Avocado mask: smash ½ avocado add Buttermilk or yoghurt and some avocado or Olive oil or water, you may also add a few drops of Aroma oil or use crushed strawberries or some Orange, Tahini is also great

Steps: cleanse, tone, exfoliate, tone, facial oil massage, mask, tone and moisturize

Be creative and have fun!

pic 1: face massage steps

pic 2: oat milk cleanser and facial oil

pic 3: toner

pic 4: salt and sugar scrub

pic 5: clay and avocado mask

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