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Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Sound 
Facilitator Workshop

Part of Mayan mythology is the belief that cacao’s mission on our planet is to restore harmony between people and nature. The legends say that when humans start to disrespect nature and use its natural resources for personal gain, then cacao is introduced to restore balance. 

Cacao is thought of as food of the Gods, it is a powerful and beautiful plant medicine heart ally – it is a great heart opener. It opens the connection from spirit to plant and the natural world and inspires creative downloads. It helps with transformation, finding one’s spiritual path and is a journey of healing.

Learn how to hold Cacao Ceremonies


If you wanted to learn how to facilitate Sacred Cacao Ceremonies and have an introduction to Sound Healing this is the course for you.

You will learn everything about Cacao, and the basics of Meditation Facilitating and Sound Healing. You will also learn how to use the beautiful Koshi Chimes with their crystalline and harmonious sound and fit perfectly in the Ceremony. Other instruments may be available upon request.

16 hrs - 1 day is prestudy and 1 day is prac in person, 

Zoom class available 

pm me for more info

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