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Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Course

Sound Healing Course, learn how to play singing bowls

$777     IICT accredited

Learn how to use the sound of different instruments like the Singing Bowls, Percussion, Chimes, Rain Stick and Gong etc. to flush out negative energy, balance and harmonize cells and body, improve mental, emotional and physical health and bring about calmness and inner peace. 

Sound Healing is the ultimate Stress Buster! If you ever had a Sound Healing you know how amazing you will feel after having one. Here is your chance to learn this incredible technique.

1 Singing bowl or Tuning fork included

Payment Plan available

Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Certificate Workshop 

Sound Healing course, learn how to play a Gong

The Sound Healing Course consists of 12 Modules and Home study Assignments and includes a Business and Meditation training module. 

This course offers flexible delivery: Theory can be via weekly  Home study/Zoom or in Person and the Instrument Practice is in Person or can be completed over 2 -3 days onsite.

You will learn different Instruments like Gong, Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowl, Tuning Fork, Chimes, Bells, Rain stick and Percussions etc.

You will learn how to use Sound for private or group sessions and using Sound can be incorporated into any modality. 

Some Benefits of a Sound Healing are

· Higher levels of energy

· Reduces anxiety and depression

· Harmonized energetic field of body

· Balances chakras and aura

· Improves mood

· Instils joy and happiness

· Sense of balance & direction improved

· Fewer headaches

· · Reduction of physical discomfort or pain

· improved sleep

·  Promotes mental, emotional and physical well-being

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