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Lumi Vitae Cell Power
Hydrogen Water Bottle

 LUMIVITAE - the world’s first Universe in the bottle. It is living Water nourishes your cells with every sip you take.
We all know about the importance of drinking clean pure water. But it can be hard to get, even filtered water isn't the purest no matter how good your filter is. The Cell Power Water Bottle takes your water to the next level, restoring its living vital essence, essentially turning it into liquid light.

Hydrogen sustains all life, neutralizes oxidated stress which causes cell ageing,  increases energy, repairs cells, removes damaged cells, restores normal cell function.


When we drink our CellPower Liquid Light water, we provide the body with the fundamental building blocks of universe.

Hydrogen is anti ageing

Buy your Lumi Vitae Water Bottle here; 

The Lumi Vitae Hydrogen Water Bottle brings you:

  • the energy and wavelengths of the sun and  the magnetic field of the Earth

  • stabilized molecular hydrogen

  • and 3 powerful frequencies, one of them is the 7.83 Schuhmann Resonance which is EMF protection as well as grounding and healing.

  • a PEM membrane to separate toxins and by products from Hydrogen,

  • and Chromo (Color) therapy to support your health and wellbeing.

And the bottom and top create a powerful toroidal field around you connecting you to your heart space, higher self, inner peace, calm, truth, flow and more abundance.

Buy your Bottle here: 

Put good clean water into your body and watch the difference. Water is a living biocomputer. It receives information, it holds information, it transfers information. It is programmable, and capable of data transfer through multidimensional vibrational pathways. You don't have to believe me....just ask the dolphins!

This Water Bottle doesn't just hydrate; it rejuvenates at a cellular level, offering a sort of fountain of youth effect in every sip.

Imagine water as a vital elixir, resonating with frequency vibrations that harmonize with your body's natural rhythms.

Each glass from the Cell Power Water Liquid Light device is a source of purity and vitality, an experience that transcends mere hydration.

It's not just water; it's the very essence of life, enhanced and energized. This is where science meets wellness, transforming every drop into a messenger of health and longevity.

Prepare to elevate your hydration experience and embrace a new era of cellular well-being.

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