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Cupping Therapy Course

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy Course 

$425     IICT accredited 

Learn how to use glass cups, plastic suction cups and silicone cups to benefit your clients health. Cupping is an ancient traditional form of natural healing that has been practiced over the whole world and is mostly known for being part of the TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A cupping treatment can be beneficial for many conditions including colds, arthritis but it is known more for releasing deep seated muscle tension.

Cupping is an excellent tool to add to your massage practice as it can be included into you treatment to help release tight muscles.

Please note due to potential  micro clotting after Covid19 and Vaccination the technique of sliding cupping or cupping massage with Silicone cups is recommended.

Duration: 1 day

1 model required

Prerequisite to qualify for IICT+: Therapeutic or remedial massage experience!

*Other Associations may have other requirements

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