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Japanese Needle Therapy

If you like to mix it up or would like to have a Massage or Healing included in your Japanese Needle Therapy session book my Remedial Wellness Therapy treatment. I use different techniques to rebalance your body and energy this may include Acupressure, Japanese Needle Therapy, Massage or Energy Healing. Available on my Booking system.

Japanese Needle Therapy
60 min: $95

Japanese Needle Therapy, also known as Japanese Meridian Therapy and is part of Japanese Acupuncture. 

Japanese Needle Therapy originated in Japan and is an established Complementary Health Therapy. It aims to balance the Yin and Yang of a person and promote a healthy flow of Chi or Life force that our body holds and that is responsible for our health. This is a great treatment if you want to improve your health, as the Japanese believe any condition can benefit from it.

Japanese Needle Therapy is different from traditional acupuncture as it doesn't necessarily include the use of needles. In fact, Japanese NeedleTherapy uses many different tools, including acupressure, teishins, moxabustion, non-insertion needle tacks, magnets, Ion pumping cords, and others as suited to each individual.

A treatment will leave you feeling energised, strengthened, balanced and allows your body to gradually come back to a natural state of health. It is believed Japanese Needle Therapy can benefit any disease or complaint as long as you are able to trust in the process and take an interest in your personal healing. You may require a program of treatments until optimum balance and health is restored.

Benefits from a Japanese Needle Therapy session:

  • balances Yin and Yang, regulates flow of Chi

  • benefits the digestive, metabolism, circulation, respiratory and reproductive systems

  • balances hyper and hypo states (hypoglycaemia, hypertension, hyperactivity)

  • harmonises deficiencies in the micro-circulation

  • allows lower and upper body connection and head to heart connection

  • grounds and centres you

  • harmonizes emotions

  • helps with any pain condition like headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee pain

  • helps with lethargy, weakness, exhaustion

A session involves an assessment of your current health and the outcome of the treatment is supported by the client making any necessary lifestyle changes, including diet and regular exercise in order to fully benefit from this therapy.

Japanese Needle Therapy - Facial
30 minutes $70

the facial treatment will improve your whole body and neck/facial skin texture and reduce fine wrinkles

it also increases the micro circulation to the scalp and helps to rejuvenate your senses and invigorates your skin tones.

Japanese Needle Therapy in general will:

Promote Healing

Offering support to the body to restore homeostasis and balance.

Release Stagnation

Releasing areas of blocked Qi which stimulates organ function and promotes health.

Improve Circulation

Increasing blood supply to all cells and organs improving health and well being

Decrease Pain and Reduce Inflammation

Acts as a natural analgesic, interrupts pain signalling and may reduce inflammatory markers

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