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Qi Gong

Qi Gong Sessions - in person or online
Private: 45 min $45 - bring a friend to share and pay only $35 pp
Group:  45 min $20pp
Mobile: 45 min $65, share with a friend - within 10 km of Geelong Cbd, travel fee applies to outer areas
Concession rates:
Private: $30
Group*: $15
Group session available now

For Online/zoom sessions please contact me 
Book online:

Qi Gong is an ancient healing method that has been practised in China over 5000 years, it is a branch of the TCM - traditional Chinese medicine. It also has been referred to as a moving Meditation, Energy dance or Movement practice, simply put Qi Gong is a system of precise, differentiated, intricate, distinctive, deliberate and slow focused movements, forms and postures to bring our awareness & presence back into our body and to stimulate the energy flow throughout the body. 

Qi means energy or life force and Gong means skill or cultivation or enhancement of our life essence.

“Mind the body and the breath, and then clear the mind to distil the Heavenly elixir within.” This combination of self-awareness with self-correction of the posture and movement of the body, the flow of breath, and stilling of the mind, are thought to comprise a state which activates the natural self-regulatory (self-healing) capacity, stimulating the balanced release of endogenous neurohormones and a wide array of natural health recovery mechanisms which are evoked by the intentful integration of body and mind"

Qi Gong Benefits:

  • brings calm and stillness into mind and body

  • releases tension and stress 

  • activates and allows Qi to flow through our body thus releasing blockages

  • improves: Bone Density, Cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular, 

  • prevents Falls and improves Balance

  • improves Quality of Life, Self-efficacy

  • improves mood, and self-esteem

  • improves Immune Function and reduces Inflammation

  • balances brain halves

  • improves circulation to all tissue including tendons, ligaments, fascia

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