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Recorded Energy Clearings

Welcome to my recorded Energy Clearing Sessions. These recordings are part of classes that are now available separately. 

Cost is $15 per recording and payable via Paypal, please contact me for payment info and how to receive your video link.


Or via my booking system: purchase here


I also have various Videos on my Youtube channel, Crystal Meditations and Healings for Trauma Release, Higher Self connection, Inner Child healing and more:


Soul Retrieval with Shamanic Drumming

Parts of our Soul can split off during times of trauma, shock, severe illness etc which can cause problems like unexplained illness, mental or emotional issues, bad luck etc.

Bringing those fragmented pieces if our Soul back to become whole again so we can truly embody our soul mission in this life time. We also go into our past lives and our ancestral lines and retrieve the pieces of soul/s that have split off.

Quantum Healing Chamber Meditation

In this Healing I am taking you to a journey off-world in the Quantum Energy Field where you will meet my Pleiadean Guides who will assist you in the Quantum Healing Chamber to support & heal your physical body.

It Is a multidimensional healing with colours. Colours hold different levels of frequencies and are part of light particles which are a form of electromagnetic radiation manly expressed in wave form. Chromotherapy uses colours to treat various conditions and illness like Infra red, Depression and Hyperactivity in kids. For example Red has a wavelength of 650 and a frequency of 4.29 Hz.

Using the colour frequencies to raise your vibration as disease can't exist and healing can begin.

Unentanglement Energy Clearing

Do you wish you could turn back time and change the way you did things in your past??

This medication is about clearing away negative imprints and feelings of shame, guilt, doubt, regret, remorse and similar in regards to past decisions we made that didn’t turn out as planned and especially if they may have also involved and hurt others, this also applies to actions taken or not taken, words said or left unsaid, anything really that may have left a negative imprint on our path in life and that when we look back we wish we would have acted in a different way.

The path of life is often never straight forward but if there is too much regrate and remorse this will add to the negative imprint or rather burden we carry with us. As we move into higher vibrations it is very important to clear out any distortions, negative energies or old thought patterns, anything from our past that doesn’t serve us anymore and that energetically holds us back.

We will also clear out any distortions in past life’s and the life’s of your ancestors.

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