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Frequency Therapy Devices that support your health and wellbeing and fit into any lifestyle - just charge and wear purchase links below

My personal experience since using the Band: I am not tired at all anymore and I am so motivated, and running a small business motivation is so important. I also feel calmer and get up every morning feeling excited about the day ahead all those things I struggled with before I used the Band.

A Clients testimonial: I purchased the Band for my Dad to help with his health issues, I was worried he may not wear it as he doesn not believe in Natural Healing. He absolutely loves it! He hasn't had a headache since wearing it and his energy level have inproved he is even mowing the lawn now something he struggled with before. I can't thank you enough - Steph


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  • do you want to have more vitality and energy

  • do you want to feel more balance and harmony in your life

  • do you want to improve your health and wellbeing on every level: less pain, increased circulation, better digestion etc

  • do you want to increase your performance and focus

  • do you want to have feel more positive about your life

  • do you want to have more flexibility and mobility

  • do you want to feel more connected with your soul

  • do you want to have less stress and anxiety

  • and more...     


the Performance - Pulse Band is your Answer!


Use the Pulse Web to:

  • repair, regenerate, rejuvenate, revitalize and restore 

  • after injuries, accidents, tissue trauma etc

  • The Web has 4 settings to address different areas and concerns

The Pulse Band and Web work together to bring back more harmony to your body

*please read the info about contra-indications below


Enhanced athletic performance, health and wellness, the CM2 Performance Band and Pulse Web supports optimal cell function:

 *Detox*Recovery*Nutrient delivery*Metabolism*Lymphatic System*Tissue swelling*Elimination processes*Gut Support*Hormones *Neurotransmitter activity*Aches & pains*Bone growth & repair*Headaches* Sleep*Tissue regeneration*Oxygen delivery*Microcirculation*Cell Charge*Stem cell support*Inflammation*Injuries AND SO MUCH MORE!

Get your Band or Web here: 

Pulse Band



Pulse Web



Band and Web Combo



30 day money back Guarantee, 2 year warranty,  Payment Plan 

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Contact me if you have any questions


CM2 technology creates a toroidal field around our body which connects to our heart which is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy and enables better cell communication.

This toroidal field also taps into the Quantum energy field of 5D creating a more balanced environment that supports improved healing on an energetic level. And when we are in our heart centre we feel calmer, more grounded, more motivated, there is no fear only joy and zest for life.


PEMF has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain, aid in bone repair and offers many other benefits through improved capillary vascularization and improved oxygen and nutrition uptake. The benefits of PEMF to facilitate a swifter return to a normal lifestyle are well-documented

For more info, contact me or watch this video: 


•DO NOT use the BAND/Web if you have a Pacemaker, are pregnant, have a cochlear implant, are Epileptic.

•Prior to use, consult your physician if you are currently under care or treatment or have a chronic or life threatening medical condition.

•Not recommended for children under the age of 12.

•Do not immerse in water. The product is water resistant, NOT waterproof.

CM2 Performance Band & Body Web


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