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Body Balance Package

Body Balance with Kinesiology
75 min: $125  may include remedy  
or book just a 30 min Kinesiology Session with Flower Essences $50

The Body Balance treatment uses Muscle testing to ask your body what needs to be released at this time and finishes with a massage or healing - your choice.

Depending what is revealed or comes up to be cleared the treatment this may  include specific aroma oils, flower essences etc chosen for you to balance and remove energy blocks on all levels (physically, emotionally and mentally) or to addresses muscular aches and pains as well as emotional upsets. 

Kinesiology believes the body doesn't lie, it is our mind and emotions that get in the way. Muscle testing connects to your inner truth and subconscious mind where many of our beliefs lie. which often were formed in early childhood so these beliefs may be outdated or prevent us from moving on, Self Sabotage patterns are formed. Once these beliefs or patterns are revealed we can clear them.

One benefit of aroma oils is to release negative emotions we may be holding in our body. 

You'll feel relaxed, rebalanced and mentally clear after a treatment.

May include:

  • Massage

  • Energy healing

  • Access Bars

  • Aroma Oils

  • Bach Flower

  • Australian Bush flowers

  • Sound Healing

  • etc

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