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Ear Candling Workshop

Ear Candling course, Traditional Ear Candling course

Ear Candling Workshop​

$395     IICT accredited

Ear Candling is a natural way to draw out wax and waste from the lymphatic system from the ear canal. It restores balance and harmony to your bodies energy system and enhances lymph drainage, supports the immune system and central nervous system.

Ear Candling can be very beneficial if you have recently had a cold, are doing a detox, taking medications or have ear or teeth problems including slight hearing loss. Ear Candling can also help with tinnitus, vertigo, headaches, TMJ issues and even snoring!

I am the only trainer in the greater Geelong-Melbourne area that teaches both Cone and Traditional Ear Candling techniques. It is recommended to have both methods listed on your insurance to be covered.

Workshop includes: history, benefits and contra-indications of Ear Candling as well as a Sinus Massage and Acupressure Points. 

Duration 6-8  hours depending on class size

1-2 models required

You will receive a manual, certificate and 1 pair of cone candles!

This course is now available for online study for $195

You will receive PDF and Video files for optimist learning

Course duration: 5 hrs


to upgrade to 8hrs (minimum requirement of IICT)  you have 2 options which will incur an additional fee:


Option 1, theory online and in person practice - total cost: $295


Option 2, online and zoom - extra cost of $60/hr zoom training, however one hour may just be enough and you can make up the extra 2 hrs by additional home study


please check with your Association/Insurance if the online version of this course will be accepted.

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