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Access Bars

Access Bars treatment

Access Bars Healing

60 mins: $111 or 2 sessions for $177

Access Bars Healing works on energy points on our scalp called bars. By holding these points, outdated beliefs, thoughts, and blockages are released and cleared from our subconscious mind. Our awareness is increased, helping us to be more present in our daily life while accepting circumstances and other people without judgement. Holding and balancing these points also flows into our body, resetting our physical system and allowing peace, calm, stillness and feelings of tranquillity and bliss.

"The healing is very relaxing and it felt like I was floating and very peaceful and calm."

various Access Body Processes available:

60 min: $111 or 2 sessions for $175


Similar to the Access Bars the different Body Processes can address various limitations we hold in our body and cells due to trauma,

shock, abuse, affects of medications, drugs or general addictions, injury or accidents, limiting beliefs, OCD, Perfectionism and any

Judgements resulting from these that we place on ourselves or others.


Body Processes I am offering are:

1, Trifold Sequencing Systems this process can help to dissolve the trauma loops keeping you limited. Free yourself from symptoms

    of abuse, stress and anxiety of the past and discover more ease beyond your previous experiences.


2, Limitless Energy, Wealth & Possibilities - have more energy, limitless possibilities and increases awareness. This process can

unravel the separation you have with your body with allows more energy into the creation of your life.


3, Anaphalytic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation - treats overworked, traumatised, abused muscles, allows the body to create more

ease and functions better, removes stiffness, disfunction, rigidity and lack of mobility from muscles and joints


4,  Destruction of all RNA & AI designed to control you - to neutralize effects of the Vax and shedding, helps to detox and boosts the

   immune system


5, MTVSS (molecular terminal valence sloughing system) can create many different possibilities in your body, one of them is to

   strengthen the immune system, each time you run it it will bring your body closer to its natural state of being and supports the

   function of all body systems. It has been successfully used to treat diseases when run on a regular basis. It is recommended to be

   run 20 - 30 times or weekly for best results.


6, Access Body Process Algorithm interrupt Energy and Energy Reset (2 sessions) to prevent any future implants, chips and Nano's

   from Injections

7, Escalation of pre-Brain Capacities and teh Elimination and eradication of Brainocracy will help eliminate and stop overthinking

Access Energetic Facelift

60 mins: $90 or 2 sessions for $150

What if you could change the way you think about your body, removing judgement and negative thoughts, and look younger at the same time? The access energetic facelift does just that! An Access Energetic Facelift works on the energy points in our face to help you feel and look amazing! 

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