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Pulse Band, Body Web & Wellness Products



Enhanced athletic performance, health and wellness, the CM2 Performance Band and Pulse Web supports optimal cell function:

 *Detox*Recovery*Nutrient delivery*Metabolism*Lymphatic System*Tissue swelling*Elimination processes*Gut Support*Hormones *Neurotransmitter activity*Aches & pains*Bone growth & repair*Headaches* Sleep*Tissue regeneration*Oxygen delivery*Microcirculation*Cell Charge*Stem cell support*Inflammation*Injuries AND SO MUCH MORE!


You can find more info on my services page or follow this link: CM2 Performance Band and Web


• The BAND is designed to be worn for at least 8 hrs a day and for 2 weeks at onset and drink plenty of water as your body will detox, the use of Restorix or Zeolite clay is recommended to help flush out toxins

* The BAND runs on  a 12 hour cycle and then shuts off automatically.

• The BAND will be ACTIVE for 7 minutes - the blue LED light slowly pulses while producing cm2 pulse technology. The Pulse Band will then REST for 20 minutes – a red light will glow

* The WEB is used for 30 min twice daily - and has 4 frequency settings for bone, muscle/ligaments/tendons, inflammation and water retention and a cycle setting


**Please click: contact me or ph: 0410 009 645 if you have any questions **



•DO NOT use the BAND/Web if you have a Pacemaker, are pregnant, have a cochlear implant, are Epileptic.

•Prior to use, consult your physician if you are currently under care or treatment or have a chronic or life threatening medical condition.

•Not recommended for children under the age of 12, consult physician.

•Do not immerse in water. The product is water resistant, NOT waterproof.

Pulse Band and Web

Pulse Band, Performance Band

CM2 Performance/Pulse Band 

Body Web

Pulse Web 



Pulse Band and Body Web combo

Band and Web Combo  


To purchase just click on the images 

Ultimate Detox & Wellness Pack 


includes Band, Web, Restorixx and Noni Juice



Total Detox  

consists of Band and Restorix

Total Wellness 

consists of Band and 4 bottles of Noni Juice


Wellness Combo packs

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