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General Terms and Conditions of Business Practices

The business “Balance for you” offers diverse Massage Services , Natural Therapies & Products and Workshop Training that aim to benefit and support the client’s state of health at any time during their use of our services or products.

Balance for you aims to uphold to any applicable industry or legal legislation when rendering services and conducting business to the best of their ability and knowledge.

please read below for more details

For Workshop and Training Terms and Conditions please follow this link:

1, Treatment Services and Products

A, Balance for you and the applicable Practitioner/s aim to offer the best possible suitable treatment, service and/or product to the respective client.

B, Prior to the start of treatment the treatment and any modifications thereof will be discussed and explained to the client and a treatment plan outlined. ie; in a massage treatment a 45 minute massage generally includes the legs, back shoulder and neck.

C, In case of any contraindication all reasonable attempts will be made to offer the client suitable choices for modification or change of treatment.

D, if during the treatment the practitioner feels the need to change or add on to the treatment anything that is not of the normal service range like Cupping or Application of Fisiocreme the practitioner will inform the client and seek consent before adjusting the treatment.

2, Client Communication during Treatment

A, During the treatment the practitioner will ask the client at least twice if they are happy and content in regards to the pressure administered and the treatment so far. If the client communicates that pressure or treatment is not of satisfaction the practitioner will then adjust the pressure or treatment style until the client is content with the aforementioned.

B, It is assumed that the client will communicate in a clear and precise manner any discomfort, queries, questions or concerns to the practitioner at the time of the treatment in order to give the practitioner the chance to adjust or correct such to accommodate the client’s needs. It is also understood that any requests that are out of the Practitioners scope of qualifications, or against the general business practices, or would be unprofessional in any way, or would harm or in any way hurt the client or practitioner will be refused and the practitioner reserves the right to terminate the treatment with full payment of such expected!

3, Disputes & Grievances

A, All disputes or grievances should be first tried to be resolved with the applicable practitioner. If this is unsuccessful the business management should be contacted.

B, Any disputes or grievances in regards to a treatment need to be made known to the practitioner or business owner at the time at occurrence preferably during treatment or within a reasonable amount of time such as 3-4 days of receiving a treatment, service or product for the dispute or grievance to be valid and acted upon.

C, The business management or the practitioner will send a courtesy text within 2-4 days of the client receiving treatment inquiring about how the client is feeling. If there is no response from the client stating any conflicts, concerns or grievances at this time, any concerns, complaints, disputes or grievances brought to the attention of the business management or practitioner after that time are then Null and Void! As it is assumed the client has been given enough opportunities to mention and pursue any potential grievance in good faith therefore business management can not accept any claims after that time!

D, in general the business or practitioner will make reasonable attempts to resolve any concerns, conflicts, complaints, disputes or grievances with the client as long these are within the businesses terms and conditions.

4, Cancellation Policy

A 50% cancellation fee will apply if less than 24 hours notice is given and your appointment time cannot be filled with another booking. Full fee will be charged for “no shows” or “change of mind” bookings on the same day.

5, Refunds

A, Refunds can only be given for damaged or faulty Products.

B, No Refund will be given for services tendered however depending on the dispute the business or practitioner may or can offer a subsequent complementary treatment to resolve the matter providing the dispute was made or brought to the attention of the business or practitioner in the reasonable amount of time and circumstances as mentioned in points 2 and 3.

6, Client arriving late for treatment

In case of a client arriving late for treatment, regardless if they notified the business management or not, the business management will strive to uphold the time of treatment booked except for extreme lateness (10+minutes) or in case a subsequent treatment has been booked. In this case time will be deducted to ensure undisruptive business operations with full payment due!

7, Gift Vouchers

A, Gift Vouchers are only to be used as intended or indicated on the Voucher itself. This means:

Gift Vouchers can’t be transferred to another person. However if the business management is approached in a reasonable manner and prior to any treatment booked it is up to management discretion to make an exception based on certain circumstances like medical emergencies that would prevent the beneficiary from using the Gift voucher in the allocated time.

Gift Vouchers can’t be used for any other treatment other than indicated on the Voucher.

However if the business management is approached in a reasonable manner and prior to any treatment booked it is up to management discretion to make an exception based on certain circumstances like contra-indications to the treatment indicated on the Voucher.

B, Gift Voucher Expiry dates are displayed clearly on t he Gift Voucher and Vouchers can’t be extended without the consent of the business management. Management will make any reasonable attempts to take into account certain circumstances that prevented the Gift Voucher Recipient from using the Gift Voucher before expiration however it is up to the discretion of the management to extend a Voucher or charge an additional fee for Services or Products rendered if the Expiration Date is extended.

Gift Vouchers issued from November 2019 on may have a limited Expiration date if purchased during a monthly Promotion or Special Offer this will be displayed on the Gift Voucher to comply with the new regulations for Gift Vouchers.

C, Prepaid Packages

Generally prepaid Packages are to be treated like Gift Vouchers. A Cash payout of any remaining balance can only be granted for serious reasons should the purchaser not be able to collect the remaining treatments like in case of moving or medical reasons. It is however up to the Business Manager to make the final decision.

Prepaid Packages don’t have an expiration date however it is recommended and expected that the purchasers will use the package within a reasonable amount of time.  

 8, Redemption of Gift Vouchers for Cash

A, Gift Vouchers can’t be redeemed for cash either in full or partial amount. This in compliance with the Consumer Affairs Victoria legislation. Please follow the link for more info:

9, Health Fund Rebates

A, Balance for you can only offer Health Fund Receipts for Remedial Massage and the necessary intake, assessment and treatment protocol as stipulated by the Health Funds has to be followed or a receipt to make a claim cannot be issued.

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