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Energy Healing Courses

Kundalini  Reiki Course

Kundalini Reiki

includes levels 1-9 including Master and

booster levels

$222 in Person or Zoom

$111 Distance only or do level 1-3 for $155

The Kundalini energy amplifies and strengthens the energy

channels. An awakened Kundalini means that over a period of

time, a complete cleansing of the chakras, the body parts and the

energy channels is achieved which in turn will strengthen and

enhance the healing ability of the person.


More Benefits:

  • enhances your distance healings

  • shorter treatment time

  • activate hidden gifts and talents

  • more focus and metal clarity

  • less stress

  • more abundance in  your life

  • higher vibration and more energy

This Reiki system holds several levels inducing the Master level

and also includes Location Reiki, Past Life Reiki and DNA Reiki as

well as how to program an object.


Pre-requisite is Reiki level 1


Manual and certificate induced

Delivery is in 2 parts:

Level 1-3 in Person, Distance or Zoom

and Levels 4-9 distance only

Energy Clearing and Balancing course

Energy Clearing & Balancing

$255 in person or online


You will learn how to clear and balance energetic and emotional distortions and blocks that are affecting your physical health and

wellbeing and your life in general.

Using Charts you will learn how to work on emotions, meridians,

chakras, curses, miasms, trauma/wounds, fears/phobias, self

sabotage etc. this includes using different resources like crystals,

flower essences etc.


This course will deepen you intuition and connection to your


Prerequisite: Master Dowsing Level 1 - info in Mini Workshops

New Earth Energy Healing Course

New Eart​h Energy Release & Reconnect Healing System




New Earth energy is here. This is my own intuitive healing system I channelled in 2022.

You will learn how to listen to the body and flow with the energy in order to release and transform old energy, beliefs, emotions, traumas, anything that is held in the body.

Learn how to raise your awareness by raising your vibration.

Reconnects body to innate healing ability.

akashic Records Reading course

Akashic Records Reading and Healing


$222 online or in person


Learn how to access your Akashic Records and how to heal

issues that are holding you back or can be resolved at this time.

You can also find out your hidden gifts or talents if you are on

the quest of your life purpose.

You will also learn how to hold Akashic Record Readings for



Certificate and Manual provided

Crystal Chakra Balancing course

Crystal Chakra Balancing

$225     IICT accredited


Learn how to use selected Crystal to balance Chakras. 


Learn about different Crystals and how to include them into

your healing session.

not available atm

Unicorn Energy Healing Course

Unicorn Energy Healing



The Unicorns Energy Healing is infused with the purity, love,
gentleness and innocence of the Unicorns. 


You will learn how the Unicorns are helping us today and how

their high vibration releases negative energy, toxins, emotions

and karma.You will be attuned to this Energy to use for yourself

or for others.


No prerequisites required, but knowledge of other healing

modalities like Reiki are helpful.


this course is also available online

Violet Flame Reiki
$77 online or in Person $155


Violet Flame Reiki has been channelled by Ivy Moore. The Violet Flame has been used in Atlantis and has now been released for us o use to transmute negative energies and emotions, release karma and heal everyday situations and feelings.

Includes Certificate, Manual, Atunements, 40 Symbols and



Prerequisite: Reiki level II

Reiki Courses

Reiki Workshops

Learn the USUI method of natural healing. Reiki is a wonderful transformational energy that allows us to harmonize our body and

heal ourselves.


Great for better health, improved immune function, personal growth, inner peace, clarity of mind, spiritual growth, deeper connection to your intuition and spirit guides, improved sleep, enhanced energy levels, pain relief, reduced stress etc.


Reiki level I

  • no prerequisite

Reiki level II

  • 3 months after Reiki level I  

  • attendance of at least 1 healing circle in person or via zoom

  • 1 client testimonial

Reiki level III

  • 1 year after Reiki level II

  • attendance of at least 2 healing circles in person or via zoom

  • 3 client testimonials

Reiki level IV - Teacher Training

  • hold Reiki level III

Reiki Levels II and Master/Teacher are IICT approved

Reiki Level 1 course, Reiki Level 2 course, Reiki level 3 course

Reiki Level I Online



Comes with Manual, Video Tutorials, Distance Atunement, Certificate

 Reiki Level I in Person or via Zoom



Learn how to channel this healing energy and how to use its benefits

for yourself and others, including animals and plants.


Includes Reiki History, Benefits and its many uses.

Reiki Level II in Person or via Zoom



Learn the sacred symbols and enhance your healing energy.


Learn how to give a healing over a distance or cleanse a room from negative energy.

Reiki Master and Teacher course

Reiki Master & Teacher Level

Reiki Master level III $555

Teacher Level/Apprenticeship $777

together $1111 if prepaid

Payment Plan available 


Complete your spiritual journey. 


Become a Reiki Master and Teacher for others. 

Reiki Master is 8 hrs in person or via Zoom

Teacher level is 12 sessions over a 3 month period of learning how to teach others, perform atunements and hold Reiki circles.

IICT members please note: in order to meet the IICT requirements you have to attend both the 8 hr class and the 3 months apprenticeship.

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