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How to stay SAFE and CALM in a crazy world, cont. Acupressure Points for digestive issues:

If you are experiencing digestive upsets at the moment it is no wonder stress can affect our digestive system before reaching for those anti acids why not try some Acupressure points. 

Find one or 2 points that help and hold them several times a day, s they are so many organs involved I find using them all from top to bottom is more beneficial

Acu Points for Digestive Issues:

SP16 Abdominal Source

Location: below the ribcage about 1 finger width inside the nipple line, press

slightly upwards

Benefits: Indigestion, Ulcer pain, gas, belching, hiccups, side stitches, appetite issues, Liver & Gallbladder issues, insomnia, irritability

ST25 Celestial or Heavenly Point

Location: 2-3 finger widths beside the belly button – press in deep

Benefit: acute and chronic abdominal issues, distension, pain, diarrhea,

Gastroenteritis, constipation, nausea, vomiting

SP12/13 Rushing Door

Location: in the groin just next to the hip bone – using 3 fingers hold lightly

Benefits: Pelvic Tension, Groin pain, menstrual pain & cramps, indigestion bloating, stomach discomfort, cold feet, frustration, opens up energy flow from top to bottom

Li 3 Supreme Rushing

Location: one thumb width down between first and second toe

Benefits: balances Liver meridian, headaches, antispasmodic – muscle cramps, detox, arthritis, toe pain, fever

GB41 Above Tears

Location: one thumbs width down between 4th and 5th toe

Benefits: general pain relief, headaches, migraines, shoulder tension, sciatica, phantom pain

PE6 Inner Gate

Location: 2-3 fingers width from wrist grease inside arm, between the tendons, bones

Benefits: balances inner and outer self, calms, nausea, diarrhea, stomach ache, motion sickness, morning sickness, emotional upsets, epilepsy

As always stay safea and calm 

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