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How to stay SAFE and CALM in a crazy world, cont. Acu Points to increase Wellness

These Acupressure points fortify your body’s vital systems: lymph, digestive, respiratory, reproductive and endocrine system. Press each of these points for 1-3 minutes daily to improve your health and boost your immune system.

Acupressure Points are a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and work on the energy flow on our Meridians where most Acu Points lay. Releasing blockages caused by stress stagnant energy, sluggishness of our systems prevents disease and illness.

CV 6: Sea of Energy

Location: 3 finger width below navel, press in about 2 inches

Benefits: strengthens the abdominal muscles, intestinal function, reproductive organs and sexual function

B23, B47: Sea of Vitality

Location: in height of waist line, 1,5 and 3 cm from spine, press in and towards spine

Benefits: rejuvenates all internal organs, strengthens sexual organs

ST36: Three Mile Point

Location: wrap your hand around your knee just below the knee cap, the ring finger should be just above a small indent between the 2 bones on the outside of your leg, press deep or massage firmly

Benefits: instant energy point, tones and strengthens muscles, increases endurance, longelivity

LI10: Upper Vitality Point

Location: bend your arm and about 2 finger widths from the crease on your forearm, this point is below L11

Benefits: rejuvenates and is a strengthening tonic point for upper body

TW5: Outer Gate

Location: 3 finger width from the wrist crease on the outside, between the 2 bones, press deep

Benefits: increases resistance to colds and flu, relieves wrist pain, carpal tunnel pain, tendonitis and rheumatism

TW15: Heavenly Rejuvenation

Location: reach opposite arm over your shoulder and press middle finger on top of shoulder blade

Benefits: increases resistance to cold and flu, reduces fevers, stiff necks and shoulder pain

K3/B60: Bigger Stream

Location: between ankle and Achilles tendon, press/pinch both sides with thumb and pointer finger

Benefits: fatigue, sleep disorders, relieves swollen feet, inflammation, sciatica and Achilles tendonitis, uterus pain

GV24.5: Third Eye

Location: Between the eyes on bridge of nose

Benefits: balances the endocrines system, relieves hay fever,

headaches,eyestrain and indigestion

As always stay safe and calm and if you need more help I'm just a text away. This post is part of my Acupressure for Self help course.

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