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How to stay SAFE and CALM in a crazy world, cont. Aroma Oils for the Heart chakra

In this post I want to talk about Aroma oils that benefit our heart chakra. With a balanced heart chakra we feel loved, loving, empathetic and can love unconditionally and secure of our place in this world. 

With the current changes in our life we can feel unbalanced on many levels but it is the heart chakra that can give us the emotional stability we need or want. And especially now with the self isolation some or many of us are alone with no family or friends to support us even if we have contact to them being alone can make you feel like you are alone.

I have chosen 4 Aroma oils that can bring balance and the feeling of love back into our heart and life. You can rub 1-2 drops into your heart chakra, this is the place in the middle of your chest, if you are sensitive you can dilute the oil with some Olive or Sunflower oil.

Bergamot: opens the heart chakra, which often closes up during times of stress, hurt and emotional pain making it difficult for us to feel loved

fun fact: legend has it that Columbus found the tree in the Canary Island and brought it back to Spain

Melissa: deeply healing at times of grief, loss and separation, and this is such a time we have lost the life style we were used to and need to grief it too to process the loss and move on

fun fact: Paracelus a swiss medic called Melissa or Lemon balm "the elixir oof life" due to its calming action on the heart" it is also said to have rejuvenating effects

Neroli: stimulates the love energy, relieves anxiety, hysteria and shock, instills inner peace

fund fact: the name comes from the Italian Princess Anne-Marie, countess of Neroli who used to use the oil to scent anything she wore and bathed in.

Rose Geranium: opens the heart chakra, balances emotions, warms and brings peace and compassion, helps to accept and release difficult situations and to move on,

fun fact: it is named after the greek word Pelagonium meaning stork like

I hope you found this helpful and please share as it may benefit someone else.

These Oils are also in my Heart Chakra Aroma Oil Roll on which can be ordered if you pm me however I am currently waiting for stock to arrive.

I also have a Aromatherapy Intro course and an Emotional Chakra Balancing course with Aroma Oils if you want to learn more contact me and I can put you on a list once the restrictions are lifted.

As always stay safe and calm!

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