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How to stay SAFE and CALM in a crazy world, cont. Acupresure Points for Neck and Shoulder issues:

continuing on with my posts on how to relief muscle tension in a certain area, today is about Neck, Shoulder and Arm issues tight muscles in our Shoulders can contribute to Headaches and travel down the arm to cause pain and discomfort in elbow and wrist. 

Remember you only need to hold one point that benefits you or make it a routine and hold all of them, great for more relaxation. Hold each point 1-3 minutes several times a day.

Neck, Shoulder, Arm issues:


Location: 3 fingers width midway of shoulder just on top of shoulder blade

Benefits: stiff necks, relieves shoulder pain, high fevers, cold and flu’s, increases immunity, improves circulation

SI10 :

Location: 1/3 down shoulder/arm joint, press inwards

Benefits: stiff neck, shoulder tension, arm problems (tingling,

numbness, pain), hypertension, cold hands


Location: just below the Deltoid muscle “V”

Benefits: Arm pain, releases shoulder joints, stiff neck,


B 10:

Location: below base of skull between 1st and 2nd cervical one, both sides of spine

Benefits: headaches, stiff neck, balances thyroid, sore throat,

depression, self expression

GB 20:

Location: right under skull – occipital bone, approx. 2 fingers width from spine both sides

Benefits: headaches, hypertension, dizziness, stiff neck,

memory, insomnia, eyestrain, indecisiveness, irritability

As always stay safe and calm! 

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