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Benefits of regular massage treatments

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for you, but unfortunately many people have a misconception about regular massage treatments, some may think massage is only for relaxation or if an injury has occurred. But just like regular exercise to stay fit or taking your car for a regular service, regular massage treatments can help maintain your body and help it function better.

Your body is just like your car, a machine that is designed perfectly to run or perform at its best. But in order to do so it requires a few "minor" things that actually help it to function  at its best.

Some of those minor things are a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of exercise, rest and sleep. but this is about massage so lets talk about that.


1, after one treatment you may feel relieve from your aches and pains, and that is great but, and here is the x factor it wont last, especially if your problems has been building up for some time, and usually unless there has been an accident or injury muscular tension may not be felt unless it actually impacts on joint function.

So why won't one treatment fix it?

well basically if there is an adhesion in the muscle tissue or fibres, which in simple words means a knot, it may need several treatments to loosen it up.

But the most important  factor is that our cells have a memory and they only recall the last or latest state as "normal" so if a muscular tension has been build up or happening for some time the memory of that muscular cell or tissue is that the state of tension is normal, if you get one massage which may relax this tension it wont last as the muscle tissue won't accept this state as normal, so

basically several treatments at a short interval are needed in order to reset the memory and retrain the muscle tissue or cells.

It can be compared to regular training of an athlete, no athlete would think of attending a sports event without training and getting fit, so similar having regular treatments will keep your muscles/body perform at its best


2, with each massage treatment or any other relaxation technique our bodies learn to relax more quickly and deeply enabling you to really use the time of the massage or whatever treatment you  are enjoying at the moment as a time to reconnect to your body, enjoy a deeper relaxation each time and use that time to regenerate and rebalance yourself. This results in reducing your stress levels so you can enjoy this time out more and more. so do yourself and your body a favour schedule in a regular massage! hope to see you soon!


3, Massage also benefits joint mobility, healthy sleep and promotes vitality by stimulating the Chi or Ki, our life force within


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