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Aroma Oils can release negative Emotions

Aroma Therapy is widely known in many cultures around the world and Essential Oils are in so many commercial products today from Soaps, Lotions, Shower Gels, Skin care Products, Room Sprays, Mouth wash and a Massage with Aroma Oils is uplifting and energizing depending on what Oils you choose.

Aroma or Essential Oils are not herb but are organic liquids extracted from parts of a plant like leaves, roots, bark, flowers, fruit etc. Essential Oils are divided into 3 Notes: Top, Middle, Base as they are volatile and evaporate depending on their Note either within 20 minutes or up to a few hours. Essential Oils work on 3 levels simultaneously: 

Topically: some can balance dry or oily skin or act as an antiseptic or reduce inflammation 

Physically: once they have penetrated the skin and entered the bloodstream their are metabolized on a cellular level depending on their medicinal properties

Emotionally: as we inhale their scent it reaches our brain and affects our moods and emotions affecting us on a psychological level.

This effect on our emotions can be utilized to balance our mood and help us release negative Emotions. I use Aroma oils in my treatments to release negative Emotions that are blocking our Chakras (Energy Centres) causing discomfort and illness over time.


Orange and Clove for example help us become more positive so can be used if we are feeling down or depressed.

Rose Geranium and Bergamot help open the Heart Chakra and help us feel love again.

Melissa and Frankincense help with Grief and Sadness after a loss.

Lemon Myrtle and Cinnamon are uplifting

I teach an Aroma Therapy Introduction and a Emotional & Chakra Balancing Workshop. 

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