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Self help Tip: How to energetically cleanse a room

have you ever experienced going into a room and it felt heavy or unpleasant?? Rooms or houses can have a build up of negative energy (from previous owners, geomancy disturbances or even entities, it is a good idea to clear a space periodically in order to keep it fresh, light filled and full of positive vibrations.


this is how you can do it:

1, first of all you need to ground yourself, so find a place where you can sit in a quiet, meditative way, or stand in the middle of the room you wish to cleanse, you may wish to say a prayer or ask the universe or your guides for help

2, than taking in a few deep breath in and out, imagine yourself surrounded with white light

3, next imagine a vortex or tornado like swirl that is purple, imagine this swirl going from one corner to the other and sucking in all negative energy, cleansing all corners, walls, floor and ceiling, until you feel all the negative vibrations are gone

4, next fill the space with white light and whatever quality you wish it to have: peace, love, Restful Sleep, Harmony, Focus, etc

5, lastly thank the universe or your guides for helping you and you may light a candle or burn some incense


I also offer House cleansings which can be done over a distance.


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