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PSOAS Muscle Miracle for Lower Back Pain?

Suffering from Lower Back or Hip Pain? Often the Psoas Muscle is the cause but it is often overlooked in treatment. The Psoas Muscle primarily flexes the hip and the spine/trunk. It attaches from the inside of the spine to the femur (leg bone). If the Psoas Muscle is tight it can also cause digestive problems, disc problems, hip and knee pain to name a few.

According to Liz Koch ( the Psoas muscle is responsible not only for our physical health but also for our emotional well being. The Psoas muscle is the only muscle that connects our spine to our legs becoming responsible to hold us upright and bringing balance to our structure. As it is the deepest muscle of the body it affects our organs as it constricts them instead of providing a supportive shell for them if its tight or shortened due to tension. The Psoas is also connected to the diaphragm and to the part of our brain that is responsible for our survival instinct (fight or flight). So it is easy to image that if the Psoas is tight it is associated with increased stress, tension and anxiety levels. Luckily the Psoas muscle is not hard to work on and a simple test (Thomas test) can show if your Psoas is tight or not.

Since I have including treating the Psoas Muscle in my Massages I have had clients report to me that their Pain has completely gone in just one treatment.

The latest success story is a client that when tested on the massage table could only lift his leg on his own effort about half way off the table before Back pain would set in, after treating the Psoas muscle which only tool about 5 minutes on each side he was able to lift his legs completely without any pain.

If you have any Lower Back, Hip or Knee pain why not book in for a remedial Psoas treatment. 

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Sep 14, 2023

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