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My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki

I am already a Usui Reiki Master and the first time I was initiated into level 1 in 1999 followed by level 2 and then the Master and Teacher Level 3 and 4. After moving to another country I attended a Spiritual Healing Course that also included the Reiki Levels. So essentially I repeated level 1-3 again in 2002 – 2003. Given that it is now 2018 you will see that I have been practicing Reiki for a long time. A friend of mine practices Tibetan Reiki as I felt this energy as very warm and gentle I was interested in learning it however as it often is it never happened imagine my surprise when I found out that Violet Flame Reiki is under the protection of Quan or Kwan Yin the goddess of compassion and that the Tibetan Deity Tara (star) is closely related to her. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

About 6 months ago while surfing the internet I came across an article on a Chakra Meditation using Violet Flame Reiki. Knowing how important balanced Chakras are for our physical, emotional and mental health printed the article out and quickly forgot about it. About 3 months ago I wanted to do a different meditation and decided to use this Violet Flame one. At this stage I didn’t even know what Violet Flame Reiki was as I had never heard of it.  

So I did the meditation and honestly didn’t feel different. It said it positive effects last for 2 weeks so I waited about 2-3 weeks and did it again. Again I felt no different. In this article it also had a Desire Manifestation with a Violet Flame Reiki Box. I knew what a Reiki Box having used them before in my Reiki workshops as well. The description talked about using the Violet Flame symbols which of course I didn’t know or have. So I thought maybe I need to look into this form of Reiki. By this time I had done 3 Chakra Meditations using the Violet Flame Method. 

And for some reason I felt that things in my life were starting to improve a little. Now I have to say I had a lot going on which for the sake of space and privacy I won’t get into except my massage and healing business has been struggling for a long time now, up and down, no financial security that I desperately needed. Anyhow I felt more relaxed about the whole thing and was not as worried and I actually started to get a few more clients (one of the effects of Violet Flame Reiki is to turn negative energies into positive ones, transmute Karma or erase karmic debt, healing of our chakras and bring peace into our house and family).

And because life happens it wasn’t until I did my fourth Meditation one week ago and included chanting the “Namo Quan Shi’h Yin Pu Sa” which means: “one who hears the cries of the world” that I started to feel my energy increase and a sense of well being throughout my whole body. The next day I tried to find Violet Flame Training on the internet but couldn’t find anything here or anywhere in the world except online training. Now I have to say I’m not a fan of online training I feel there is nothing better than hands on learning. However I found one teacher I felt drawn too and signed up. I downloaded the manual read it and felt ready to take the first 2 atunements today.

My first atunement:

I followed the instructions in the manual, made sure I’m ready and undisturbed, saged my whole house, lit a candle and put on some relaxation music and then asked for the first atonement to come through (atunements are given per distance just like a absent healing). Immediately I felt something on top of my head, my crown chakra, now having experienced a few atunements and doing absent healing I could tell something energetically was happening. I just sat there and allowed energy to pass over and on to me, I felt like symbols were drawn above my head (Violet Flame Reiki involves 40 symbols to be passed on, 10 for each level). After about 10 minutes I heard a voice saying it is done.

My second atunement: 

I felt I could ask for the second atonement right after receiving the first one so I waited a few minutes and repeated the request to receive the second atunement. Right away I felt an increase of the energy coming down through my crown chakra, I felt or sensed the symbols for this level drawn over me and this is where it got interesting: I saw a unicorn come to me (in my inner vision or third eye if you prefer) it said to me: I am your guardian and this (explains your connection) to horses. Now I have been attracted to horses all my life I have ridden them, worked around them and taken care of them until recently in total about 45 of my years being around or in touch with them! After that I felt a female presence in front of me (I assume this was Quan Yin) asking: “who will vouch for this person (being pure of heart and having the best intent – in healing)”? All of a sudden I felt a hand on my left shoulder and a voice saying “I do” (it was my first Reiki teacher) and then I felt a hand on my right shoulder and a male voice saying: “I do” being the husband of my first Reiki teacher. Now I have to say I have spoken to them but haven’t seen them for a long long time so realistically they have no idea what kind of person I am now but obviously in the spiritual realm things are totally different and I felt so honoured that they would deem me worthy to vouch for my integrity. So this ended the second atunement.

Afterwards I had a healing swap with a friend and the unicorn came to assist me in the healing and I also saw Lady Quan Yin (at least I think it was her) helping out, I saw tiny little violet flames dancing over the body of the person I was giving the healing too.

February 2018, to be continued.....

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