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HOW to stay SANE and CALM in a crazy World, cont. Acupressure for Sciatica and Lower Back Pain

Here are some Acupressure points that can help if you feel tense and have a sore or tight back. You can choose which one suits best and hold it, usually the pressure is light unless I stated otherwise, hold for 1-3 minutes, you may feel a pulse in your finger or if you prefer you can just massage the point slowly.

Acupressure is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and just like Acupuncture works on different Meridians to free up blocked energy bringing health and balance back into the body. As acupressure is lighter it is advised to treat the points several times during the day


Location: in height of waist line, 1,5 and 3 cm from spine

Benefits: lower back pain, chronic fatigue, fear, kidney problems, rejuvenates and strengthens internal and reproductive organs


Location: middle of back of knee

Benefits: back pain, stiffness & spasm, sciatica, knee pain,

restless legs, arthritis in knee, back, hips


Location: underneath outside ankle bone

Benefits: back, ankle and heel pain, sciatica, headaches,

epilepsy, hypertension, dizziness


Location: underneath knee between leg bone and muscle

Benefits: muscular tension, aches, spasms and strains,

neuromuscular issues, back pain, knee problems,

shin splints, headaches, stomach aches, constipation, fear, overall yang conditions

GB 29:

Location: halfway between top of the hip bone and leg

Benefits: sciatica, shoulder and back pain, strengthens lower

back, helps pelvis/hip problems, irritability, frustration

 Stay safe and calm!

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