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How to stay SANE and CALM in a crazy world, Acupressure Points for the Immune System

Today I am writing about some Acupressure points that can benefit the Immune system, you can choose which one suits best and hold it, usually the pressure is light unless I stated otherwise, hold for 1-3 minutes, you may feel a pulse in your finger or if you prefer you can just massage the point slowly.

Acupressure is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and just like Acupuncture works on different Meridians and to free up blocked energy bringing health and balance back into the body. AS acupressure is lighter it is advised to treat the points several times during the day.If you prefer you can use this link to my amazing teacher MIchael Gach that has put together a video on Immune boosting points:

Immune system/Cough/Breathing:

Lu1 Location: in the outside portion of the chest in the depression under the collarbone, just above the armpit Benefits: Cough, difficulty breathing, Asthma, chest tension, Grief, Depression

K27 Location: just off the middle of chest in the small depression under the collar bones – hold both points Benefits: detox, immunity, aids the respiratory system, chronic fatigue, nausea

CV17 Location: at the center of the sternum at the heart level Benefits: Balances emotions, releases tension in the chest and lungs and aids breathing

LI11 Location: on the outside of the lower arm underneath the elbow joint, hold and flex arm you’ll feel the muscle contract Benefits: fever, colds, flu, immune system, tonic point

CV6 Location: 2 fingers below the navel press in deep Benefits: general weakness, fatigue, dizziness, emotional stability

TW5 Location: On the outside of the arm about 2 fingers width from wrist crease between the bones Benefits: influenza, cold, boosts immune system, tendonitis

LI4 Location: in the webbing between thumb and index finger push in slightly towards index finger Benefits: pain relief, inflammation, flu like symptoms 

TW15 Location: middle of shoulder just on top of shoulder blade Benefits: stiff necks, high fevers, cold and flu’s, increases immunity, improves circulation

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