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HOW TO stay SANE and CALM in a crazy world a grounding technique

With up at dawn shoppers, increasingly empty supermarket shelf's, bombardment in the news and on TV about the pandemic even the calmest person can't help but feel at least a little unease at the moment. 

Perhaps you have been affected and locked out of work, or worrying about a family member travelling over seas or interstate or that is already sick or in a nursing home. Or worried about your own health and on how it will affect you if infected?

So how to stay calm? Especially when we know that stress especially ongoing one, can have a negative impact on your immune system. And our immune system needs to be supported at this time. So besides taking extra Vit C, Zinc, eating healthy, exercising and other stress relieving activities like yoga, meditation and massage how else can you reduce your stress levels?

Below are 3 exercises that will "ground or center" you in your heart energy. Being grounded means being positive, calm, and secure in yourself, body and mind. 

Being grounded also raises your energy, lifting you out the the low vibrations of fear and anxiety to a healthier and happier state of joy, love and happiness.

And if you want to hear more about how to support your immune system click the link and like my business page I will be doing more posts on the topic:

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