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HOW to stay SAFE and CALM inn a crazy world, cont. Bach Flower Essences Part 1 - Rescue Remedy

Phew only Wednesday and what a week it has been already its like bang bang something new everyday. It can be overwhelming and demoralizing, I know I feel like that at times so the Rescue Remedy is something you can take to help cope better with stress, anxiety and shock.

Bach Flowers were reintroduced as the ancient system of using herbs and flowers for healing by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900's. and "heal thyself" was his Motto. Making an essence from part of a specific plant that holds a specific vibrational energy signature that if taken orally or applied to parts of the body like an Acu Point will balance certain unbalanced conditions or state or mind or rather emotions. There are many types of Flower Essence systems like the Australian Bush flowers.

Bach flowers can either be taken straight from the stock bottle or diluted and made into a treatment bottle, The dosage is usually 4 drops up to 4 times daily.

I can make up different treatment bottles to suit your individual needs, 1 bottle is $15, below are some examples:


Courage & Confidence builds self worth, self esteem and confidence Energy & Vitality Release & Let Go releases anxiety and fears Grounding & Focus Life Purpose & Destiny Sleep Remedy Self Care Remedy Grief & Transition BlendI will write more about specific Bach flowers that will assist us in this current situation in my next post. Until then stay safe and calm!

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