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How To stay SAFE and CALM in a crazy world, cont. Acupressure points for Headaches

How is everyone going? I'm sure with this lock down and stress on another level we tend to get more tense and Neck and Shoulders tighten up leading to Headaches. so here are some points to help with that. Remember you only have to choose 1 or 2 points that help you of course you can do the whole routine but its best to hold the points several times during the day for 1-3 minutes each.

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As always: Stay safe and calm!

Headaches and Migraines

B 10:

Location: below base of skull between 1st and 2nd cervical one, both sides of spine

Benefits: headaches, stiff neck, balances thyroid, sore throat,

depression, self expression

GB 20:

Location: right under skull – occipital bone, approx. 2 fingers width from spine both sides

Benefits: headaches, hypertension, dizziness, stiff neck,

memory, insomnia, eyestrain, indecisiveness, irritability


Location: back of head under medulla, depression before 1st cervical bone

Benefits: headache, migraine, vertigo, eye problems, neck

pain, nosebleeds, hang over, hyper tension, relaxes mind

Li 3:

location: one thumb width down between first and second toe

Benefits: headaches, antispasmodic – muscle cramps, detox,

arthritis, toe pain, fever


location: one thumbs width down between 4th and 5th toe

Benefits: general pain relief, headaches, migraines, shoulder

tension, sciatica, phantom pain

PE6 can be included if nausea is present

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