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How Massage can benefit your Brainwaves to help us relax more:

We are all aware that our brain produces different brainwaves depending on if we are sleeping, meditating or on our state of mind.                  

The most known ones are Delta which is our sleep state, Theta if we are very relaxed and almost in a trance like state, and Beta which is supposed to kick in with our flight or fight instinct, here we are more alert and conscious but unfortunately this also brings about stress, anxiety, worry, anger and a weakened immune system which compromises our health. 

Due to our lifestyle of today, having to work, doing chores, taking care of family etc this is the state most of us are inn all the time except when sleeping. No wonder most of us are stressed and worn out.                             

Enter the Alpha state this is actually the "normal" state we are supposed to be in most of the time we are awake, here we are still conscious but more relaxed, our creativity and intuition are connected and flow effortlessly, we can memorize and learn better. We experience harmony between body and mind.

Alpha also produces:

deep relaxation of body and mind, we are calmer and have more clarity

achieve higher levels of creativity and more attuned to our intuition

improved problem solving ability, when we are in beta this shuts down and stress clutters up our thought processes

improved mood and stability of emotions, we are more balanced, stable and positive therefore coping better with stress and tough situations

better performance and getting in the zone, alpha is associated with peak performance and sports players that excel function more in the alpha state

super learning ability and genius state, enhanced memory ability to learn more and easier 

enhances our immune system therefore benefiting our over all health

increased levels of serotonin, low levels are associated with depression and other neurological disorders like panic attacks and anxiety, in alpha our  serotonin levels are increased making us feel happier and more stable mentally

But because our Brain is so used to function in the Beta state it often cannot produce Alpha waves, leaving us in Beta even if we do something relaxing. How often have you mediated or had a massage and just couldn't stop thinking? 

There are only a few ways to induce the Alpha state naturally: Meditation, Yoga, Green Tea (L-Theanine amino acid), Massage or Sauna's. All of these help us to relax and connect to our body.

And then there is the Tesla Practitioner Plate that when placed under a massage table will help us relax even faster thus assisting our brain to produce Alpha wave thus creating harmony between body and mind. 

From next week on I will have this Plate under my massage table and look forward to receiving your input. 

More info about the Golden Pathways to Harmony Products here:

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