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Archangel Aroma oil Spiritual Healing or Massage

What is Archangel Aroma oil Therapy?

These special aroma oils are infused with the love, wisdom and vibration from each Archangel. When we use the Archangel Aroma oils we invite the Archangels into our lives for loving guidance and support that will bring about transformation, healing and cleansing on a deep cellular level and assist us with our spiritual development and wellness for mind, body and soul. The oils raise our own energetic vibration so we can project positive energy and attract more of the same as well as our life purpose. 

These special oils combined with a Spiritual Healing or a Massage Treatment allow for a more intense and deeper healing to take place. Whether you choose Archangel Michael for clearing and protection, Archangel Raphael for healing on all aspects in your life or Archangel Jophiel for bringing more positive energy into your life you will feel a tremendous difference from a normal healing or massage.

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