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My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki part 2
My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki


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Violet Flame Reiki

My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki part 2

Today I felt ready to take the level 3 and level 4 atunement, at least that was my intend.

Everything felt right and I prepared like last time: saged the house, lit candles, I didn’t use music this time and as I sat down to get ready doing a short Ohm meditation and saying the Namo Quan Shi’h Yin Pu Sa a few times someone in the neighbourhood started to mow their lawn it was quite noisy so I decided to wait until they had finished as I felt it would disturb me during the atunement. 

After the noise had died down I sat down again and did some Ohm Meditation and the Quan Yin Mantra.

My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki

I am already a Usui Reiki Master and the first time I was initiated into level 1 in 1999 followed by level 2 and then the Master and Teacher Level 3 and 4. After moving to another country I attended a Spiritual Healing Course that also included the Reiki Levels. So essentially I repeated level 1-3 again in 2002 – 2003. Given that it is now 2018 you will see that I have been practicing Reiki for a long time. A friend of mine practices Tibetan Reiki as I felt this energy as very warm and gentle I was interested in learning it however as it often is it never happened imagine my surprise when I found out that Violet Flame Reiki is under the protection of Quan or Kwan Yin the goddess of compassion and that the Tibetan Deity Tara (star) is closely related to her.
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