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My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki part 2
My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki


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Violet Flame Reiki
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My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki part 2

Today I felt ready to take the level 3 and level 4 atunement, at least that was my intend.

Everything felt right and I prepared like last time: saged the house, lit candles, I didn’t use music this time and as I sat down to get ready doing a short Ohm meditation and saying the Namo Quan Shi’h Yin Pu Sa a few times someone in the neighbourhood started to mow their lawn it was quite noisy so I decided to wait until they had finished as I felt it would disturb me during the atunement. 

After the noise had died down I sat down again and did some Ohm Meditation and the Quan Yin Mantra. I asked for the level 3 atunement to be passed to me and immediately felt energy coming down into my crown chakra. This time it felt different: it was more serious. Hmm the level 3 in Usui Reiki is the Master level so perhaps this is why. Anyhow I could feel alot of information being downloaded not only symbols like the last 2 atunements but what felt like numbers as well. Like I said it felt very serious. I also felt the presence of Quan Yin and the unicorn, my guardian was behind my right shoulder again. After about 10 minutes I felt it was finished. So I said thank you and just sat there in reflection for a few minutes. And I thought this is enough today is not the time for the level 4 atunement.

It has been about 1 week (6 days to be exact) since my level 3 atunement for Violet Flame Reiki. Since then I noticed my hands getting very hot when massaging or doing healings. My clients have commented on it as well. Hot hands just mean there is an increase of energy running through me. I have also done some more research into the Violet Flame and found out that it is very connected to the environment, nature and animals and that the Unicorns have agreed to assist St. Germaine with the Violet Flame in our time. So there is the connection to the Unicorn I have seen and felt during my level 1-3 atunements and every since I have done a healing. Wow.

So today I felt ready for my level 4 atunement. I saged my house, put on some music, lit some candles and did a short Ohm meditation and said the Namo Quan Shi’h Yin Pu Sa (the Quan Yin Mantra) a few times before sitting silent for a few minutes. When I asked for the level 4 atunement to be passed on to me I felt bright white light on my crown chakra and violet chasm light flashing into my third eye chakra. This went on for a few minutes and then I just felt like my whole body was engulfed in white light coming from in front of me. I also felt the presence of the Lady Quan Yin. It was like we were having a conversation with her telling me it’s ok for me to put together my own manual for the Violet Flame Reiki (the one passed onto me has only information about Quan Yin in it and no other history other than Ivy Moore’s experience it was also copyrighted. I also felt that St Germaine should be mentioned as he was the first one working with the Flame in Atlantis).

Anyhow Lady Quan Yin conveyed to me that the words are not so important when working with the Violet Flame and that the energy (of the Flame) and the intention of the person using it is the key factor here. Again the emphasis was put on "to be pure of heart and having the best intent" (in healing). This also confirmed what I found during my research that is it more important to use (invoke) the Flame with your own words (of the heart) than to try and get the prayers, affirmations or invocations right. 

This whole process of being immersed in white light took about 10 – 15 minutes. I sat there a long time just focusing on Quan Yin and what she tried to convey to me. I also felt the unicorn on my right shoulder again during this atunement. After some time St. Germaine appeared next to Quan Yin. They both were facing me she was on the left and he was on the right. And I felt their hands on my shoulders. When St. Germaine appeared I sensed the words that he should also be honoured and acknowledged when using the Violet Flame, this is for protection and intensity of the healing as they are both guardians of it in our time.

I was also told again that only the purest of heart are being led to the Violet Flame and that only those people will be send to me to learn and use the Violet Flame Reiki from me. Then it felt like I was given a blessing by Quan Yin and St. Germaine and felt the light and energy decrease signalling the atunement has ended. 
This Level 4 atunement was the longest of them all and felt the most important one too and even more serious than the level 3 one. Having St. Germain appear as well when it was Quan Yin and the unicorn only in the first 3 atunements. The level 4 atunement is the one where the atunement symbol is passed on this would explain it.

Anyway the whole experience with the Violet Flame was amazing and I am lookign forward to working with it and learning more about it in the process.

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Maureen Cowen on Friday, 16 March 2018 1:30 AM
This is a truly amazing coincidence. I am just about to take the distance attunements for Violet Flame Reiki and in fact started the registration etc at the end of february. I also have a link to unicorns surrounding the attunement! I practice distant Reiki and would love to exchange info with you by e.mail about this if you like? I am in London, UK. Many blessings, Maureen
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resumesplanet on Wednesday, 9 May 2018 11:57 PM
How good is Reiki therapy? I've heard about it before. I want to try it.
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mrhami on Tuesday, 15 May 2018 2:12 PM
heard about it before. I want to try it.
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great on Thursday, 17 May 2018 7:11 PM
Thanks for the great post.
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