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Aroma Oils can release negative Emotions
How Massage can benefit your Brainwaves to help us relax more:
Having trouble sleeping? Try having a massage!
My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki part 2
My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki


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Aroma Oils can release negative Emotions

Aroma Therapy is widely known in many cultures around the world and Essential Oils are in so many commercial products today from Soaps, Lotions, Shower Gels, Skin care Products, Room Sprays, Mouth wash and a Massage with Aroma Oils is uplifting and energizing depending on what Oils you choose.

Aroma or Essential Oils are not herb but are organic liquids extracted from parts of a plant like leaves, roots, bark, flowers, fruit etc. Essential Oils are divided into 3 Notes: Top, Middle, Base as they are volatile and evaporate depending on their Note either within 20 minutes or up to a few hours.

How Massage can benefit your Brainwaves to help us relax more:

We are all aware that our brain produces different brainwaves depending on if we are sleeping, meditating or on our state of mind.                  
The most known ones are Delta which is our sleep state, Theta if we are very relaxed and almost in a trance like state, and Beta which is supposed to kick in with our flight or fight instinct, here we are more alert and conscious but unfortunately this also brings about stress, anxiety, worry, anger and a weakened immune system which compromises our health.

Having trouble sleeping? Try having a massage!

Who hasn't been there: laying in bed feeling tired but can't fall asleep and end up tossing and turning all night. 

Did you know that a 1 hr Massage has the same effect on the body as 7 hours of sleep? If you ever had a massage you know that during a massage one can reach a deeper state of relaxation that effects not only your body but your mind as well. Read on below for more tips on improving your chances of catching some much needed Zzz's:

1, Reduce all EMF's in your bedroom, this means no TV or Computer, electric        clock or alarm and no Mobile Phone!

My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki part 2

Today I felt ready to take the level 3 and level 4 atunement, at least that was my intend.

Everything felt right and I prepared like last time: saged the house, lit candles, I didn’t use music this time and as I sat down to get ready doing a short Ohm meditation and saying the Namo Quan Shi’h Yin Pu Sa a few times someone in the neighbourhood started to mow their lawn it was quite noisy so I decided to wait until they had finished as I felt it would disturb me during the atunement. 

After the noise had died down I sat down again and did some Ohm Meditation and the Quan Yin Mantra.

My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki

I am already a Usui Reiki Master and the first time I was initiated into level 1 in 1999 followed by level 2 and then the Master and Teacher Level 3 and 4. After moving to another country I attended a Spiritual Healing Course that also included the Reiki Levels. So essentially I repeated level 1-3 again in 2002 – 2003. Given that it is now 2018 you will see that I have been practicing Reiki for a long time. A friend of mine practices Tibetan Reiki as I felt this energy as very warm and gentle I was interested in learning it however as it often is it never happened imagine my surprise when I found out that Violet Flame Reiki is under the protection of Quan or Kwan Yin the goddess of compassion and that the Tibetan Deity Tara (star) is closely related to her.

MFR - Myofascial Release Technique

MFR or Myofascial Release is part of Remedial Therapy. 

The concept behind MFR is that the Fascia is a separate structure on its own and connects skin to muscle tissue and organs. 
Fascia is made up of fibrous connective tissue in a wavy pattern making it extremely flexible. And myofascial lines run from the bottom of the body to the top connecting everything so it only makes sense that if this wavy pattern is stretched or pulled into a linear form due to injury, accident, chronic overuse or inflammation resulting in adhesion's and stiff                                                       affecting skin, muscle, organs and deeper layers in                                                   our body.

Why Massage Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury!

Generally when people think of massage they think its mainly for relaxation, pampering or something they can't afford. The truth is that whilst massage does relax you it is one if its greatest benefits: due to the release of endorphins that produce a feeling of wellbeing, whilst stress causing hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine are reduced. Cortisol is a stress hormone and unfortunately when you feel anxious, your body pumps out even more of it, fueling your stress levels and causing them to rise.

PSOAS Muscle Miracle for Lower Back Pain?

Suffering from Lower Back or Hip Pain? Often the Psoas Muscle is the cause but it is often overlooked in treatment. The Psoas Muscle primarily flexes the hip and the spine/trunk. It attaches from the inside of the spine to the femur (leg bone). If the Psoas Muscle is tight it can also cause digestive problems, disc problems, hip and knee pain to name a few.

According to Liz Koch ( the Psoas muscle is responsible not only for our physical health but also for our emotional well being.

Archangel Aroma oil Spiritual Healing or Massage

What is Archangel Aroma oil Therapy?

These special aroma oils are infused with the love, wisdom and vibration from each Archangel. When we use the Archangel Aroma oils we invite the Archangels into our lives for loving guidance and support that will bring about transformation, healing and cleansing on a deep cellular level and assist us with our spiritual development and wellness for mind, body and soul. The oils raise our own energetic vibration so we can project positive energy and attract more of the same as well as our life purpose.

Ear Candling a natural therapeutic treatment

Ear Candling is an ancient therapeutic treatment that used to be included in ceremonies and rituals throughout different cultures.

Ear Candling is a natural way to draw out excess wax and toxins from the ear canal. It is a very effective and safe way to cleanse your ears.

If you recently had a Cold, doing a Detox, have Ear or Tooth problems, feel like your Ear are blocked, experience slight hearing loss or are taking medications, Ear Candling can be very beneficial!

Our body not only eliminates waste and toxins through bowel and urine, but also through the skin and the lymphatic system which also drains into the Eustachian tubes from our Sinuses and tear ducts.

Benefits of regular massage treatments

10419622 849402118403426 6714266364648059452 nEveryone knows that regular exercise is good for you, but unfortunately many people have a misconception about regular massage treatments, some may think massage is only for relaxation or if an injury has occurred. But just like regular exercise to stay fit or taking your car for a regular service, regular massage treatments can help maintain your body and help it function better.
Your body is just like your car, a machine that is designed perfectly to run or perform at its best. But in order to do so it requires a few "minor" things that actually help it to function  at its best.

Self help Tip: How to energetically cleanse a room

have you ever experienced going into a room and it felt heavy or unpleasant?? Rooms or houses can have a build up of negative energy (from previous owners, geomancy disturbances or even entities, it is a good idea to clear a space periodically in order to keep it fresh, light filled and full of positive vibrations.
this is how you can do it:
1, first of all you need to ground yourself, so find a place where you can sit in a quiet, meditative way, or stand in the middle of the room you wish to cleanse, you may wish to say a prayer or ask the universe or your guides for help
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