Balance for you  - Massage & Natural Therapies & Workshops
Contact Phone: 0410 009 645

Tarot Readings and Spiritual Counseling:
I channel my readings using the Tarot cards as a tool. My Readings are for support and guidance, finding answer and solutions to your worries and problems.
Readings are done with Love, Sincerity and Light!
I prefer to do readings in writing as I can fully concentrate on the information I'm getting and you'll receive a full transcript of the session that you can read whenever you need too.

Face to Face Readings:   $50 for 30 minutes, $80 for 1 hr 
Email Readings:                1 question:  $25

Readings are available for:

  • General Queries
  • Relationship/Love 
  • Career/Finances
  • 12 month forecast 
  • Past Life
  • Connection with past over loved ones
what you'll get:
  • a picture of your cards
  • a 3 - 10 card reading for your question, depending on your question
  • clarification and support for 48 hrs after the reading
Payment is via Paypal, please contact me with your question and you'll receive your reading 24 hrs after I received payment or your reading is free of charge!
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