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Spiritual Dowsing Course    
Part 1: Pendulum Dowsing $35 includes crystal pendulum                           learn how to dowse out yes or no answers                          
 what colors, fruit, supplements are beneficial for you                          
 find lost or missing items                           
 deepen your intuition as you connect to your higher self and universe
 you will learn a set dowsing protocol to increase your dowsing accuracy and 
 make sure the answers are in the best interest for yourself or person involved

 Part 2: Geomancy Dowsing $75 includes dowsing rods                         
 learn about the adverse health effects of Geopathic Stress (underground  water  veins, Hartman and Curry grid lines, EMF's etc)
 learn how to dowse for this geopathic stress lines 
 learn different method of balancing or neutralizing the Geopathic Stress

Part 3: Medical Dowsing is coming towards the end of the year                         release unhealthy emotions that are holding you back from leading the life  you  deserve   
 balance and heal chakras  
 release past lifes or ancestral blocks                               
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