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January and February Special*IONIC FOOT DETOX
I am now offering the IONIC FOOT Detox to help eliminate build up toxins and waste from your cells and body.

Some Benefits are: increased energy, reduces inflammations, removes heavy metals, improves the immune system, general health and mood.
I have been having regular Foot detoxes for 2 years and can definitely say they help and the color can be different each time and let you know which part of your body is most affected.
30 minute Ionic Foot Detox: $25 half price!
1 hr Ionic Foot Detox , Foot Scrub and Massage $60

Please note: if you have a heart condition, are pregnant or breast feeding, on BP medication, have a pacemaker or an organ transplant or on blood thinners this treatment is not for you.

*excludes any other discount vouchers or Gift Cards

Sound Healing Meditation: Experience total bliss as the sounds of the chakra chimes wash over your body. Combined with gongs, singing bowls and percussions, flushing out negativity, fear, anxiety, tension and stress. Leaving you feeling energized, happier and with a positive outlook. 
30 minute session $20 intro price, bring a friend and pay $30
The following packages are available:

1, Body Balance this is my most popular package!
45 minute Massage and 30 minutes Energy Healing (Reiki or Access Bars your choice) plus Aroma oils only $110
transforming & balancing your physical, emotional and mental levels  for ultimate wellbeing. Removes blocks and helps you let go of the past. Let your inner light shine!

2, Happy Feet:
1 hr Foot Scrub, Foot Massage and Body Massage $95
start to relax as soon as your feet hit the warm water and float out the door after a relaxing massage!

3, Body Pamper mix and match: 
choose from Massage, Healing, Facial, Foot, Scrub:
1hr $ 95, 1,25 hrs $125, 1,5 hrs: $145, 1 hr 45 minutes $165
very popular is Massage, Facial and Access Facelift
4, Soul Wellness                    
Heart Tranformational Healing can include: sacred Gometry Tools,  Akashic Records/Past Life Regression Clearing, Sound Healing, Reiki and a Oracle card for Guidance,   
1 hr $100 or 75 minutes $120 
connect to your soul level and spiritual guidance, gain clarity and direction
 Can't find a package you like? Contact me for a custom made package just for your!


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