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Please contact me for more info and to register for the course you want to take.
There is no shopping cart available at the moment please send me your email address with your full name (and the name you wish to display on your Certificate) your location and date of birth (used for distance attunement purposes only!) Payment will be through PayPal. All courses come with Attunement Instructions, Certificate, Manual and some even with Bonus Material.

1, Unicorn Energy Healing $45 
The Unicorns Energy Healing Attunement is infused with the purity, love, gentleness and innocence of the Unicorns. You will learn how the Unicorns are helping us today and how their high vibration releases negative energy, toxins, emotions and karma. You will be attuned to this Energy to use for yourself or for others.
No prerequisites required, but knowledge of other healing modalities like Reiki are helpful.

2, Violet Flame Reiki $55
Violet Flame Reiki has been channeled by Ivy Moore. The Violet Flame has been used in Atlantis and has now been released for us to use it to transmute negative energies and emotions, release karma and heal everyday situations and feelings.
Includes Certificate, Manual, Attunements, 40 Symbols and Meditation.
Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2

3, The 4 Holy Archangels Attunement $15
You will be attuned to the energy of Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. This Attunement helps with Angel Communication, Angel Healing, Angel Meditations, bringing more Light, Life Force and Love into one's life. 

4, Key to Abundance Reiki $25
Who couldn't use some extra money in this day and age? This Attunement will connect you to the universal source energy of abundance helping heal, clear and release blockages and drawing more abundance into your life. You will receive a sense of relief, inner peace and have more joy in your life.

5, Prosperity Now Empowerment Reiki $25
This attunement connects you to the powerful energy of prosperity and empowerment. It works with your Higher Self to create more prosperity in your life, drawing in more abundance for you to become financially independant. It is also the best system if you need money for a specific cause and if you need it fast. 

6, Magick Reiki Better Business $25
Can you use some help with growing your business? This attunement is for you!
It will connect you to the energy of a successful, prosperous business and to creative universal source energy. It aligns your personal energy with the energy of your business helping you to become more creative where your business needs it: marketing, good service and quality products enhancing your abilities and opportunities to improve your service and draw more clients because your business is better.

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