Balance for you  - Massage & Natural Therapies & Workshops
Let me massage your stress and aches and pains away.
Contact phone: 0410 009 645

 Remedial Massage:
Is helpful for overused and tight muscles, post injury or post surgery and for repetitive strain issues. Remedial Massage improves flexibility and joint mobility and reduces pain. 
Some conditions Remedial Massage is beneficial for are: 
Headaches, Neck Pain, Whiplash, frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Back Pain, Sciatica, Knee problems and Ankle or Wrist problems. 
Some specific techniques I offer are: Trigger Points, Myofascial Release, MET stretches and Lymphatic Drainage
Health Fund Rebates are available!

Bodybalancing Massage:
A unique blend of different techniques (Remedial, Hawaiian LomiLomi/ Kahuna NST/Bowen to name a few) to balance and remove energy blocks on all levels (physically, emotionally and mentally) addresses muscular aches and pains as well as emotional upsets. You'll feel relaxed, rebalanced and mentally clear after a treatment.
Upgrade to my Body Balance Package with massage, healing and Aromaoils for a complete balancing.

Hot Stone Massage:
enjoy the relaxing and nurturing feeling of the warm Stones in this Massage. Depending on your needs it can be more therapeutic as they lay on any sore or tight areas to release deep seated tension or more relaxing if just used in the massage. 

Bamboo Massage:
Experience this exotic and nurturing Massage style using warm or cool Bamboo Sticks. Deeply relaxing or depending on your needs a more deep tissue style can be used which is very effective but not as painful as a hands on deep tissue 
massage. Bamboo is all natural material that is flexible yet resilient. Bamboo has long been a vital part of Chinese Medicine and Culture.  1 hr  $100
NST ( Neurostructual Integration Technique:
is also known as advanced Bowen, It is a muscle release technique and very effective for muscular pain or tension in the Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip & Legs. Stress and Fatigue Symptoms are also eased. The Relief can often be felt immediately, with some conditions needing ongoing treatment. 1 or 2 Follow-up treatments are recommended for continuous benefit.

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