Balance for you  - Massage & Natural Therapies & Workshops
Below is a short description of each course, please contact me for more information. Ph: 0410 009 645

Indian Head Massage $255 

Indian Head Massage is a traditional bonding ritual from India that involved all family members. It is a seated massage and can be applied to many situations:
In the Workplace, for Corporate work, at Markets, Expos or Events and you can adjust the duration to suit everyone from 5 minutes up to 40 minutes!

Learn this great technique to reduce stress, headaches and improve general well being.

You will receive a manual, certificate and learn both dry and oil applications!

Duration: 4-6 hours depending on class size
2  Models required

BAMBOO MASSAGE Workshop $355 

Bamboo Massage is the latest overseas trend.  Bamboo Massage is a great relaxation and deep tissue massage style that will reduce the strain on your wrists and hands! Using warm or cool Bamboo Sticks to massage alleviates muscular tightness and brings your body back into balance. Many believe that using Bamboo Sticks in a Bamboo Massage treatment transfers the Bamboo's healing properties to the client.

Duration: 1 day
1 Model required
Pre-requisite: Massage Experience

Hot Stone Massage $355

Hot Stones Massage is still a favorite with many clients. Allow the smooth feeling of heated stones applied in long flowing strokes. Very beneficial in winter and for tired and achy muscles! Learn how to apply Hot Stones in a relaxation, therapeutic and deep tissue massage style.

Duration: 1 day
1 model required
Pre-requisite: Massage Experience

Learn both Bamboo and Hot Stones in 2 days for only $600!

Basic RELAXATION Massage Course NOW available!
Are you interested to learn Massage? Or maybe only want to learn how to massage your Partner, Family or Friends? Then this course is for you! Delivered in 1 day and only $99, bring a partner/friend and pay only $75 each. Contact me for more info. Courses run monthly.

Lomi Lomi/KaHuna Massage $695
* this course is being restructured and will be offered again soon,
thank you for your patience

Learn the basic and underbody techniques of this rhythmic and healing massage style.

Duration: 13 weeks but length of course can be reduced or extended
Models may be required




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