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Access Bars

An Access Bars Healing works on 32 points on your head called Bars. By holding these Bars you will clear any old, negative and outdated thought or belief patterns, judgements and emotional blockages from the client leaving them in a tranquil & blissful state, with more clarity and it can even release physical symptoms! It also improves sleep. If you have constant mind chatter and can't stop thinking Access Bars will help relax your mind!!

Access Bars can change and improve your life simply by raising your awareness and opening you up for more possibilities in your life and opens the door to more joy, happiness and abundance.

Access Bars are easy and fun to learn and it can benefit your kids, friends and family members, you don't have to be a practitioner to learn and use them!

Access Bars is part of the Access Consciousness. Workshop Prices are set by them please contact me for a Workshop Date and visit the Access Website for current prices.


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