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Access Bars Healing:
Access Bars healing is a type of energy healing like Reiki. It works on points on the head releasing blockages and harmonizing our body’s energy centres. It helps to increase our consciousness and to be more present in out daily life. The healing is very relaxing and it felt like I was floating and very peaceful and calm.

Access Energetic Facelift: 
What if you can change the way you think about your Body, removing judgement and negative thoughts and look younger at the same time? The Access Energetic Facelift does just that! You will feel and look amazing! 

1 session $90 
2 sessions  $150
5 sessions  $370
10 sessions $700

Heart Transformation (Emotion Energy) Healing $90
using sacred geometric tools, light language or sound this healing will transform your energy, thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck in old patterns and unable to truly change your life. It balances and transforms your energy from negative to positive vibration and  releases blocked emotions from your heart center that keep you stuck and prevent you to move forward.
May also include other techniques like Reiki, Crystals, Akashic Records Clearing etc. depending on your specific needs! Set yourself free and live your highest potential!

Past hurts, shock, emotions can build up a wall around your heart and even though you may have worked on yourself and try to stop negative thinking anything can trigger these old wounds and your self protection mechanism  
In person and by appointment only

Akashic Records Healing $25
The Akashic Records are also called the book of life and whilst some events can't be changed vows or contracts from past life's can be cleared and healed. If you experiencing misfortune, obstacles, unhappiness etc you may have a past life contract impacting on your life now. Let me help you clear and heal these things so you can lead a happier, more fulfilled life. 
Session via Absent Healing or messenger. Payment via paypal. please email me.

Distance spiritual Healing/Clearings $15 each
Blocked emotions can cause emotional and mental stresses and even affect your physical health. If you have unexplained pains or are stuck and can't get of certain patterns you may have blocked emotions or need  your chakras balanced this healing is for you! Your choice of either:

1, blocked emotions clearing/healing
2, chakra/aura clearing/healing/balancing. 
3, house cleansing

Each healing is separate and is $15. Distance only You will receive detailed report of what I found. Payment is via paypal, please pm me.

House Cleansings
are you moving into a new home?
do you feel there is a stagnant, strange energy in your house?
a house cleansing and blessing can help, remove negative energy from previous owners, clear any geomancy disturbances, bless the house bringing in new, light filled energy. For a session I prefer working with a simple blueprint drawings of the house and property, I may also ask you to light a candle and some incense after I cleansed the property.
Distance Cleansing  from $ 35
on Site from $90, Geelong region only
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